What is a Designated Driver?

A Designated Driver refers to having appointed one a person to remain sober as the driver of a vehicle, allowing others to be able to consume alcoholic beverages without putting themselves or others at risk by potentially getting behind the wheel.

A Designated Driver is a person who abstains from drinking alcohol on a social occasion in order to drive his or her companion(s) home safely. Hiring a Designated Driver is intended as a safe alternative to DUI (driving under the influence) and allows all parties to enjoy themselves, have a drink, and not worry about how they will get home.

How does the Service work?

When you call for our service, we will dispatch a vehicle with two drivers to your location. One of the drivers will drive you and your guests to your destination in your own vehicle. The other driver will follow to pick up his/her partner at the completion of the ride.

How much does your service cost?

Our rates are as follows;

  • $45 for anything up to the first 10km, and $2.75 per km after that.
  • Cars that have to wait longer than 5-10 minutes after arriving at pickup time may charge a wait time at a rate of $1/minute.
  • A $15 daytime surcharge will be applied for rides that pick up before 6PM.
  • A $20 border surcharge will be applied for rides that cross the United States border.
  • Rides 6PM or later that are cancelled with less than a 60-minute notice will be charged $50 (including tax) to to credit card used to secure the ride.
  • Rides before 6PM that are cancelled with less than a 60-minute notice will be charged $75 (including tax) to to credit card used to secure the ride.
  • Cancelling a ride with more than an hour’s notice will not result in a charge.

How I can order your service?

Please call us! Outside the lower mainland call: 1-866-784-4096
Lower mainland call 604-566-1564

Which areas are covered by your service?

We will pick you up everywhere from West Vancouver to Mission;
As far north as Horseshoe Bay, Grouse Mountain, Belcarra and Anmore, as far south as the US border, and as far east as Abbotsford or Mission.

We can drive you and your vehicle to areas outside our operational range, but cannot pick up from outside there.

How long should I expect to wait for a driver to pick me up?

Planning ahead with a pre-booking is always your best option as you will get priority. We can usually have a vehicle to you within 30-45 minutes. We suggest contacting us at least 30 minutes before you wish to leave your event.

What forms of payment are accepted?

We only accept Cash, Visa and MasterCard. We will stop at a bank machine on your way home (no charge) if required. Once we have our other forms of payment set up, we will change the website to reflect this.

I have a standard transmission on my vehicle. Can your drivers operate the vehicle with a standard transmission?

Our drivers can operate vehicles with both automatic and manual transmissions.

I require your services for a specific event. Can I make prior arrangements?

We accept pre-booked rides. Call anytime prior to when you need the driver(s) to pick you up and we will ensure your time call has priority and assign a driver to you.

I need a pick up from a medical appointment. Can I make a prior arrangement?

Again, please contact us ahead of your required service time. We are always open to making arrangements to accommodate your needs.

Can we make additional stops (i.e. fast food, convenience store, etc)?

Our drivers will be glad to make a stop for you. Just keep in mind that there is extra charge for additional stops exceeding 5 min. Any request to stop which exceeds 5 minutes will be charged at $1.00/minute.

How many people can go with me in my car?

You can take one person for each seat belt in your vehicle.

Do you drive someone home if they do NOT have a car?

No,  we are legally unable to provide our service to customers who do not have their own vehicle.


Outside the lower mainland call: 1-866-784-4096
Lower mainland call: 604-566-1564
Email: info@asaride.com